Websites for Students

Our founder, Dr. Michael Bishop, MBA, Ph.D. understands the importance of managing your online digital footprint. Dr. Bishop has helped hundreds of young people learn about the importance of creating healthy online habits in addition to the dangers of posting inappropriate comments online at his program Summerland Camps.

Dr. Bishop is now offering one-on-one instruction to students to help manage their online reputation through improving their social media accounts and the creation of a personal website. Lessons are conducted through Zoom twice per month with unlimited phone and email support.

Topics include:

  • Why you should care about what comes up on Google when searching your name (and also your social profile handles, email, and phone number).
    • How to set a Google Alert
    • How to search yourself online
    • Why do different people get different results when searching themselves online
  • Planning your online brand
    • Instruction and strategic planning on the message they want to send to college admissions boards and employers about who they are
    • Creation of a “to-do” list we will work on together to achieve your objectives
  • Creating a positive digital footprint
    • We select and secure a domain name and set up a WordPress website to showcase your student’s talents, travels, and achievements
    • We will set up and/or clean up social media accounts including TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and more
  • Website launch
    • We will work together to launch your student’s website displaying your student at their very best. We will work together on building posts and pages showing off volunteer opportunities, academic achievements, travels, talents, skills, and more.
    • We will work together to fill up the first page of Google with positive results associated with your name and/or name and location.
  • Ongoing updates and support
    • Your student will receive hands-on training on WordPress, SEO, and maintaining a positive social media presence.
    • Your student will learn about why it is important to stay on top of their digital footprint. We will work together to make it a habit to only post positive comments online.

Sample Student Websites

Here is what is included in the cost of the online program:

  • Selection and securing of a domain name for their online brand. Example:
  • 1 year of website hosting
  • Intensive assistance with the creation of a personal website
  • Ongoing training and assistance with the website
  • Instruction on WordPress programming and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Assistance with establishing and/or cleaning up current social media accounts
  • Education on the importance of establishing a positive digital footprint for college admissions and employers alike
  • Twice per month Zoom calls for 10 months
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited phone support

Program Costs

The cost of the program is $2,995 which is all-inclusive. After 10 months, services can be renewed or the domain name and website can be transferred over to you or your child for no additional cost.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this service for your child, please let me know by email at or by calling me directly at 813-454-1050.

Now is the time to teach your child healthy online habits and get control of their online reputation.

Why invest in your child’s online positive digital footprint?

  • Now is the time to get your child to use social media in a healthy and productive way. According to a recent survey, 90% of employers find social media important when they evaluate candidates. What’s more, 79% of HR professionals have denied a job to a candidate due to inappropriate content on social media.
  • Is your child college bound? Nearly 29 percent of college admission officers have Googled an applicant’s name and 31 percent said they checked out Facebook or other social networking pages to learn more about a student, according to Kaplan, a private test tutoring company that is a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company.
  • Is your child’s future employment important? The Harris Poll surveyed over 1,000 employers and found that 67% of them look for information that supports a candidate’s qualifications.

– CEO @ Generate Web Design

Questions about helping your child manage their digital footpring?

Call Dr. Bishop directly at 813-454-1050 or complete the contact form below.