Case Study: Landing Pages

Generate Web Design was contacted by a Tampa Bay property rental company that wanted more online bookings. We started by researching their website traffic and also traffic to websites of competitors.

We decided to go with 15 terms identified as service “buckets” for this resort business. Our team started cranking out geolocation pages using high population and close proximity areas for each of the 15 terms. In total, we created 75 landing pages that were deployed over 4 and a half months along with the website redesign.

In the chart below, we can see the effect on search traffic for this business. The first landing page was deployed 10/1, and the last landing page was deployed on 2/15 of the following year.

As shown in the chart below, which was created in Google Search Console, our client experienced significant growth in Total Clicks and Total Impressions due to landing page development. So how do we know the traffic increase was due to landing page development? We simply look at Page Clicks and Impressions on Google Serch Console under Performance > Pages. The new landing pages comprise the majority of our traffic, with the better-performing pages bringing in anywhere from 5-15 new visitors per week.

6 Month Traffic Growth from Landing Page Development

Total Clicks 

This number is the about of search result traffic the client’s website received on a certain day. A click is counted when a unique visitor enters a search term, sees the client’s page on search results, and clicks on the listing to visit.

Total Impressions

An impression means that a user has “seen” a link to your site in Search, Discover, or News. In general, when search results are grouped into pages, such as in desktop results which typically show 10 results per page, an impression is counted whenever an item appears in the current page, whether or not the item is scrolled into view.


The client received a 900% increase in search traffic (“clicks” from 4 per day to 40 per day) and a 400% increase in search visibility (“impressions” from 100 per day to 500 per day).


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