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Mike and his family at Meteor Crater Natural Landmark.

We help customers like therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness therapy, residential treatment centers, and more achieve their online digital marketing goals through web design, SEO, landing page development, digital sales processes, and more. But we don’t just talk to these programs, we’ve been there in person to learn how these programs work. You would be hard-pressed to find a web designer/digital marketer with more knowledge of the treatment landscape.

A Message From Our Founder:

As the owner or decision-maker for a residential treatment program, you have options in choosing a design and marketing firm. Not only are we a team of experienced developers and marketers, but we are also well acquainted with the residential treatment industry.

The purpose of this page is to demonstrate some of my familiarity with residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy, and therapeutic boarding schools. I began my career in residential treatment in 2007 as an Executive Director of an Aspen Education program called “Wellspring Academy.” I have been in the residential treatment field ever since.

Please call me directly at 813-454-1050 and I will show you how I’ve placed programs at the very top of Google for common search terms, and how I can do this for your program as well.

Program Tours

Asheville Academy for Girls Asheville, NC

I had the pleasure of touring Asheville Academy for Girls several times, both at their shared campus with Solstice East and at their new campus on Black Mountain. I toured with the FHW Welcome Team that is tasked with online marketing and web development for Asheville Academy. I worked for the FHW Welcome Team for 3 years as an employee, then later as a private contractor helping with special web-based projects.

What an amazing program! I have nothing but great things to say about Cat and the entire team at Asheville Academy for Girls.

BlueFire Wilderness Gooding, ID

BlueFire was so much fun. I was captivated by what the owners Kathy and Reid had to say about the program. They have such an innovative approach.

I toured the yurts the participants stay in at both the girl’s and boy’s camps. I also toured the ranch where the equine therapy program is held.

Here I am with FHW employee Gary in the Snake River Canyon, where we learned about mindfulness at BlueFire. Fun fact: this photo was taken near where Evil Knievel jumped the canyon, and his ramp is still there!

I’ve had a lot of fun working with BlueFire Wilderness over the years. I helped with their online marketing efforts including setting up the website chat, 8×8 call center system, Salesforce integration, and landing page construction with the FHW Welcome Team.

Equinox RTC Hendersonville, NC

I love Equinox RTC for boys! What a fantastic location in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It’s scenic, secluded, and the water slide running down the middle of the campus looked awesome! What a fun and healthy setting.

I think this program has a lot to offer boys with trauma issues. It was my pleasure to help set up their initial call center system for admissions when they first started out. Best of luck to Equinox RTC!

Foundations Asheville Asheville, NC

What is Foundations Asheville? Foundations Asheville is a young adult transition community located in the mountains of North Carolina, serving young adults age 18-24 who are looking to acquire the tools to make the transition from adolescence to life as an independent adult. Foundations helps young adults aspire to find meaning, direction, relationships, and self-reliance in their lives.

I toured this program after a trip to Trails Carolina while in Western North Carolina.

Journey Home East Asheville, NC

I’ve had the pleasure of touring Journey Home East, Journey Home (West), and the related Solstice RTC programs.

If you have a unique, boutique offering for residential or outpatient treatment in behavioral health, Generate Web Design can help.

Our years of experience getting to know the treatment landscape gives us a competitive edge over web firms that have never worked in the industry.

Trails Momentum Asheville, NC

Working for Trails Carolina over the years I’ve become accustomed to helping high-quality programs. As part of the FHW Welcome Team, I learned the basics of lead generation, Salesforce, Hubspot, 8×8, auto-text, BestNotes to Salesforce integration (yes, this is possible), and a host of other initiatives that drive online admissions.

Trails Momentum (photo of me on a tour of the residence) represents a smaller market than wilderness therapy in general. If you own or are responsible for revenue generation of a smaller, specialized program please reach out to me. I’d love to discuss with you how I can use proven techniques to generate qualified leads.

Fun Photos on Tour

I thought it would be a fun idea to take some funny photos with programs I toured. Okay, it was actually my daughter’s idea and she takes way more photos than I do. So I went with it. Below are photos I took at various programs while on tour.

Some of the programs below I just paid a friendly visit to in order to learn about their program and the treatment landscape in general. Other programs, such as Discover Seven Stars, Solstice RTC and Journey Home, Elevations RTC, and ViewPoint Center I’ve had the pleasure of working for professionally. Services for these programs include digital marketing, website development, 8×8 integration, auto text from Salesforce, initial Salesforce setup, call routing, online chat setup, and more.

Elevations RTC Syracuse, UT

I have many fond memories of working for Elevations RTC over the years. They were among the first “victims” of my dab photo experiment. I love you guys, all the best!

ViewPoint Center Syracuse, UT

Randi was a pretty good sport about my dabbing project. ViewPoint is well known for what they do across the country. Almost every program has some kind of relationship with ViewPoint. It’s because they are the best at what they do. Helping ViewPoint with online admissions in the past has been a privilege for sure.

Solstice RTC and Journey Home Layton, UT

Jenn at Solstice was a really good sport about the whole dabbing thing. Helping the Solstice programs in the past is one of the highlights of my professional career. They have a unique value proposition and working with the team to figure out ways to express this to online customers is my kind of creative challenge that I’m always up for.

New Haven RTC Spanish Fork, UT

What I love most about the New Haven RTC campus is all the cats running around. When I toured they had a very overweight, fluffy cat trying to jump up to catch a bird and it was hilarious. I appreciate the folks at New Haven for taking time out of their schedule to help familiarize me with their program.

La Europa Academy Murray, UT

What a fun time I had a La Europa! I learned about their RTC and young adult program. What a unique offering they have with the music and art component. I had a great time on my visit and, of course, asked for the dab photo.

Kaizen Academy Fairview, UT

Kaizen Academy is no doubt a high-quality program. Kudos to Kaizen staff for all they do in a very difficult specialty. I truly learned a lot while on a tour of Kaizen.

YouthCare RTC Draper, UT

Hat’s off to the entire YouthCare RTC team for taking the time to show me around and let me meet your therapy team. I found out what a small world this is while at YouthCare, something I’m sure all of us in this industry have experienced.

Seven Stars RTC Syracuse, UT

Seven Stars RTC or “Discover Seven Stars” is another program I’ve worked with so I went out to visit one day. I had a very informative day learning about the program from front-line staff. Hearing those stories helped me come up with some ideas for the website which I worked on with the FHW Welcome Team. I liked how I got Dr. Day and even a staff member’s pet dog to dab in the photo. What a fun group!