Delivering Results for 15 Years

My name is Dr. Mike Bishop and I am the owner of Generate Web Design, LLC. Thank you for your interest in our digital services and for viewing our online portfolio. I’ve worked in website development, sales, and marketing for over 15 years now. 

Below is a partial list of organizations I have helped. Projects include various website, marketing, and SEO/SEM jobs either as an employee or as an independent contractor, or in some cases as both over the years. Digital marketing services vary from organization to organization but typically include website development, CRM integration (Salesforce and Hubspot), website chat setup, geo-page development (landing pages for long-tailed location-specific search terms), call center setup, CRM integration, auto-text implementation, website theme and text writing, and more.

Past organizations served:

  • Summerland Camps
  • Camp Pocono Trails
  • Pocono Valley Resort
  • Pine Cone Therapies
  • Heartleaf ABA
  • Wellspring Academies (CRC Health, Aspen Education)
  • Wellspring Camps (CRC Health, Aspen Education)
  • Sequel Youth Services (Vivant Behavioral Health)
  • Evangelhouse Christian Academy
  • Trails Carolina (Family Help and Wellness)
  • BlueFire Wilderness (Family Help and Wellness)
  • Solstice RTC and Solstice East (Family Help and Wellness)
  • Elevations RTC (Family Help and Wellness)
  • ViewPoint Center (Family Help and Wellness)
  • Discover Seven Stars (Family Help and Wellness)
  • Equinox (Family Help and Wellness)
  • Journey Home (Family Help and Wellness)
  • Sedona Sky Academy (as part of the FHW Welcome Team)
  • Ashcreek Ranch Academy (as part of the FHW Welcome Team)