Our Process

We believe in ongoing communication with our customers to achieve your business goals. While our process can differ greatly from one customer to the next, the below serves as a typical guide on how we might help your business grow.


1. Website Review

If you already have a website, we generally start with a website review to determine relative strengths and weaknesses. We discuss your goals for web traffic, conversions, and sales.


2. Google Analytics

Reviewing your Google Analytics numbers is often an early step in our process. Google can tell us which pages are performing well, and what pages we need to rethink.


3. Build Out

While we build your new website and landing pages, we keep in mind the importance of fast optimization while balancing graphics, videos, and user experience goals. Generally, you have up to three rounds of revisions included with our standard design package.


4. Integrations

We are experts at integrating a wide variety of functions to your website and sales process. Typical integrations include a lead capture form for a Client Relationship Management system (CRM) such as Salesforce or Hubspot, chat capability on your website connected to your CRM, text capabilities (generally done on the CRM side), and use of Facebook pixel. Imagine getting a text alert when a customer returns to your website, automatically texting leads in your pipeline, or have automated chat so you are selling while on vacation or asleep!


5. Set up advertising spend

We are experts at helping you maximize your Google or Microsoft ad spend. We will work collaboratively with you to identify the lowest cost and highest converting search phrases to target that are relevant to your business. Search terms are categorized and landing pages are built to match the targeted term. For example, if you are a physician and offer weight loss treatment, your ads for this term will land on pages with weight loss treatment information, not a generic homepage. This will maximize your ad spend.


6. Test and retest

SEO and SEM are not a ``build it and forget it`` process. WIth A/B testing and performance reviews, we will fine-tune our online strategy to maxamize your bottom line. We will also analyze demographic information and a host of other data points to ensure we are targeting the customers most likley to buy.

Step 1
Website review
Step 2
Google Analytics review
Step 3
Website build out & revisions
Step 4
Integrations (CRM, chat, text, FB pixel)
Step 5
Set up advertising spend
Step 6
Test and retest

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Percent of consumers who look online before making a purchase decision about a product or service 0
Percent of US ecommerce sales are done on mobile device. Is your website mobile friendly? 0
Users who have a negative experience on a mobile website are 62 percent less likely to purchase from that business in the future. 0
18 percent of retail sales worldwide are ecommerce sales and this number has been growing by about 20% annually 0