Landing Pages for SEO and Advertising

We build landing pages that help with search engine optimization (SEO) and landing pages that help convert visitors into customers after landing on a Google, Microsoft, or social media advertisement.

Landing Pages for SEO

A landing page’s role in SEO is to attract organic search traffic for a very specific set of keywords. Visitors will view content that is highly relevant to their search query. The page may be built to convert, or to generate interest and later convert via links to relevant product/service pages on the main website. Generally, landing pages are non-navigable meaning they are not linked in the main website menu.

One issue with landing page construction is generally we create a set of several hundred for a typical business. This takes time and skill to make sure Google does not see the pages as duplicate content. Duplicate content pages will be de-listed from search results by Google.


Assume your firm sells legal services across the US. Your website performs well for keywords like “car accident” and “legal services.” To improve your overall Google ranking, you need to attract both local and niche traffic without overwhelming your site’s navigation. We would then create a series of SEO landing pages tailored for keywords like:

  • Tampa Legal Services
  • Orlando Legal Services
  • Miami Legal Services
  • Legal Services for car accidents
  • Legal Services in Tampa
  • Tampa car accidents
  • Legal Services in Orlando for car accidents
  • Miami car accidents Legal Services

…and on and on and on. This strategy’s SEO landing pages might be hundreds of pages long, all optimized for local or niche traffic. Best of all, your 100+ landing pages will be fully indexed by Google yet hidden from a visitor who goes directly to your homepage.

Our goal is to create landing pages that directly address the user’s search query. This is one of the top things we can do in order to increase conversions (ie, turn visitors into customers). It pays to optimize your landing pages for Google Ads, and we are experts at this process.

Your Google Ads landing page offers one of your best chances to convert. That is, after all, the purpose of Google AdWords. In most cases, a visitor should be able to make a decision about purchasing your goods or services from your site. Whether you want more sales or more leads, high-quality landing pages will increase conversion rates and minimize conversion expenses.

Relevance is one of the most critical characteristics for a Google Ads optimized landing page: Just as your ad text should be related to your keyword, so should your landing page. In other words, it should deliver on the ad’s promise. Ad-relevant landing pages generate better Quality Scores and ad ranks!

Let’s compare two different approaches for landing pages using Google Ads. One client we worked with, a residential mental health program for teens, used a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company to set up all their Google ads. They were spending over $100,000 per year on advertising.

One of the first issues we noticed is that all of their ads were going to their homepage, NOT as specific Google ads’ landing page to match the search term. Conversion rates were low, averaging about 5 conversions per week during their busy enrollment season.

Generate Web Design created “buckets” for each customer type. We segmented customers into common issues parents of the students were looking for. This included:

  1. Opposition, defiance, and anger issues (outwardly focused issues)
  2. Depression, anxiety, and trauma history (inwardly focused issues)
  3. Poor social skills, shy, can’t make friends, poor hygiene, not good at sports, disorganized, time management issues, can’t connect to others (needs skill building)
  4. Behind academically, truancy, learning disabilities, no goals/drive (school issues)

We took these four categories of customers and made custom pages for each search type, along with some other factors we happen to know are important to each customer type.

Why? Because if your child has dyslexia and you are looking for a program that caters to learning disabilities, you probably want to read about academic support, and therapeutic support specific to this disorder upfront. Similarly, if your child has depression or anxiety, do you want to read about how the school also helps kids with anger issues? Of course not! So we made individual landing pages specific to the search terms parents used to find the program.

This led to a 5-fold increase in conversions, from 5 per week to 25 per week. The end result was that the program was able to decrease its yearly PPC spend by 40% and still reach its capacity goals.

Now that’s a positive return on investment!


We are here for you every step of the way

For some, the thought of implementing new technology can be daunting. We are here for you every step of the way from designing your new website to implementation, training, and support of any add-on features you require. We will work with you to ensure that you are taking full advantage of any add-ons like website chat, SMS autobots, lead capture forms, payment and contract integrations, booking systems, and more. For larger companies, we can oversee your call center setup and integration with your website and CRM system.

– CEO @ Generate Web Design

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