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Landing Page Types

Tampa Businesses Grow 900% Due to Landing Pages

At Generate Web Design, Tampa’s #1 web design and digital marketing agency, we’ve seen businesses grow 900% in online traffic due to landing page development. Each business is unique, and there are different types of landing pages. We will analyze your business needs and determine what types of landing pages are right for your business in Tampa or across the US.

Landing Pages for Leads

Leads Page

A leads landing page is a critical part of a website that focuses on one conversion event. Signing up for a newsletter, downloading a coupon, or attending an event can often land a user on a leads landing page. At Generate Web Design, we like to make landing pages that mirror a customer’s search terms. Generally, we create “buckets” for search inquiry types and create landing pages for each bucket.

A landing page is most commonly used to collect leads. A lead is a piece of contact information that can be used to contact a potential customer.

Landing pages serve a variety of purposes. Some aim to generate leads while others aim to sell the product or service outright.

Geo-Targeted Leads Page

A geo-targeted leads page is simply a leads page but targeted to users that are searching based on location. Generate Web Design makes geo-targeted landing pages frequently for boarding schools, private schools, and national residential treatment centers that have a national audience.

Explainer Landing Pages

This type of landing page relies on heavy content to entice users to take an action or the next step. An infomercial-like presentation of benefits, features, and convincing copy educates the user rather than relying on flashy sales copy or graphics to attract them. Companies promoting an educational institution or an expensive product/service where the sales process is a bit longer might consider using an explainer page.

“At Generate Web Design, Tampa’s #1 web design and digital marketing agency, we’ve seen businesses grow 900% in online traffic due to landing page development.”

Landing Pages for Sales

Sales Page

A sales page is a separate page designed to sell a product or service. This type of landing page is meant to persuade visitors to buy right away. A sales page is a vital part of your marketing and sales plan. Sometimes a sales page has a menu bar, sometimes the menu bar is removed to keep you on that page.

A sales page can be short or long depending on the offer. To promote more complex or expensive offers, use a longer format with two call-to-action (CTA) buttons (one at the top and another at the bottom of the page).

Pitch Page (AKA “Product Page”)

A pitch page is designed to sell a product rather than generate leads. This type of landing page is simple, listing the product or service’s benefits in bullet points to grab the visitor’s attention.

Pitch pages may have CTAs to buy or explore further. They are usually plain but effective in design and copy.

Click-Through Page

A click-through page contains information about the offer and encourages visitors to click through to the product or service via a CTA button.

This type of landing page uses images and copy to highlight the product’s features, encouraging visitors to buy once they reach the next page (which is generally a sales page).

Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page collects potential leads (visitors interested in the product or service). An opt-in landing page asks visitors for their name, email address, and/or other information. In addition to explaining what is being offered, copy should persuade the visitor to fill out their details.

Lead capture pages frequently offer a freebie (a free guide or informational brochure, a white paper, a discount code, or a newsletter, etc.) in exchange for contact information. They are most commonly used to identify visitors who are already interested in the product, with the goal of converting them into sales.

Squeeze Landing Page

A squeeze page is a more aggressive landing page used to collect visitor contact information. Squeeze pages prevent visitors from browsing the rest of the website without making a purchase or entering an email address, which often has to be a confirmed address. At Generate Web Design we are able to design squeeze landing pages that collect confirmed emails and phone numbers (confirmed by SMS).

A squeeze page’s copy and design should be straightforward. Incorporate a free informational guide, white paper, consultation, or other promotional item while subtly “forcing” visitors to enter contact information. This method is commonly used to build email lists.

Not Using Landing Pages? You’re Losing Customers!

Approximately 68% of businesses use landing pages. On average, businesses have 40 landing pages or more.

If your company is not using landing pages, give us a call today to get a proposal on landing page development from initial keyword research to full deployment and A/B testing.

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